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Top 10 Clothes Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Clothes Manufacturers in India

The clothing Business is one of the top industries holding the Indian Economy for over years. Leading the apparel industry, India has been in this position for years and proved itself again and again by fulfilling the demands as the trends change. With the best quality and trendy clothes, India’s garment market has grown at a great pace becoming the second largest employer in India after the agriculture industry.

No doubt the clothing business is never going to end. This is quite logical. People look for different manufacturers, and designers to collaborate to make their business more profitable. You might have noticed the boom in e-commerce where every next company is looking forward to selling something unique, and affordable. No doubt when the business is growing, the need for market manufacturers will also grow.

For all these years, India’s estimated spending on the textile industry is more than 100 billion dollars per annum. The country has the potential of making this a 500 billion dollar market in the next 10 years.

Why is India the Best for Clothes Manufacturing?

The reason lies behind a simple logic that India has been leading due to the raw material that we get from our agricultural industry. This raw material plays a major role in making India top the list of textile manufacturers in the world. Jute, cotton, silk, and many others are one of the top contributors to India’s success over time.

India is always considered to be the country where clothes and styling are charging and keep changing. So, you might have wondered why India is the biggest manufacturer of clothes. Right? So, India is one of the largest manufacturers of clothing because of the raw material, yes India is the top contributor to booming the clothing market by providing the best quality of products and raw materials.

Another crucial factor making up India the best for clothes manufacturing is on-time delivery with the best supply chain partners. Somewhere the whole country is involved in the overtime accomplishments set by India in the market. South India is a knitting industry while North India is the one well known for woven textiles, and Gujrat is the major organic cotton supplier. All these go hand in hand to keep up India’s fame.

Top 10 Clothes Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Clothes Manufacturers in India

There are a few companies that have contributed immensely to this success and have been famous now all over the world for their designs, quality, and brand name.

  1. Vardhman Textiles Limited

Famously known for its production of cotton yarn, synthetic yarn, woven fabric, sewing thread, and garments, the company tops the list of sewing thread producers in the country. Founded in the year 1965, this one is currently India’s largest textile company.

Vardaman also being a leader in the textile conglomerate industry of India, has been humbly growing throughout five decades in the country. It also has expertise in the production of organic cotton, ultra yarn, cellulose yarn, and core-spun yarns used for hand-made knitting businesses.

  1. Raymond & Co.

One of the top brands in India incorporated over 100 years ago is famous all over the world for its quality fabric and exceptional designs. Taking over 60% of the market, Raymond has been topping the list of leading fabric manufacturers in the country. Interestingly, this company is one of its kind providing 20,000 suiting fabric styles and colours.

Raymond has a spread over 600 towns with 1500 stores supplying numerous options like denim, linen, wool blends, and worsted fabrics. Whether you’re of any age group or need anything for an event, this onis es the right pick delivering a broad range of options it’s customers.

Well-known around the globe, this company has its expansion in exporting products to over 55 countries including States and Europe. Another interesting fact about this leading brand is that besides Raymond, it has vital subsidiaries namely, Park Avenue, Parx, and Ethnix. With its headquarters in Mumbai, Raymond comes under the 3 prime integrated manufacturers of worsted suiting across the globe and holds the position of the fourth largest textile company amongst the top 10 in India.

  1. Maroon Sea Exports – Best Clothes Manufacturer

Maroon sea exports is a leading manufacturer of high quality fabrics and various garments in India. It is a large scale manufacturer of garments and designer clothes and also export to various countries from India. 

With advanced machineries, technology, and manpower, it produces quality fabrics and outfits with precision and durability. The readymade garments are very popular in India and also used worldwide.

The strong supply chain network makes it a fast global exporter that makes its customers their first priority. Maroon sea exports is also a contract manufacturer for many businesses. It helps other traders and exporters of the textile industry to promote their products and run their clothing business without establishing any manufacturing setup.

The company is working in the textile industry from decades and provides all types of work such as fabric manufacturing, fabric processing, garments manufacturing, printing, etc. The long-term vision of the company is clear from its name. It is to develop and increase the exports of fabrics and readymade garments across the globe and make India the largest exporter of quality garments.

  1. Arvind Mills

Also known as Arvind Limited, the company was founded in the era of India’s battle for freedom by Katurbhai Lalbhai in 1931. Arvind Mills is also known to be India’s pillar in the textile industry.

Emerged as a representation of ambitions and aspirations, is now the world’s third largest denim manufacturer. Manufacturing cotton weights and khakis in the market, it also has domination worldwide because of its smart business strategies of working with the leading brands like Arrow, Flying Machine, Calvin Klein, and USPA.

They are high-end fabric producers in the country and are based currently in the capital city, Delhi. Its recent expansion in the industry of telecommunications, retail, engineering, garments, complex materials, and dyes have played a vital role in its growth. Managing top clothing brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, US Polo, and others, this company deals in s5 other brands famous all across.

Another interesting fact about the company is that it’s the top producer of fire-resistant fabric in the United States of America. Arvind Mill ranks second in the country’s top textile companies with 42,000 employees intact.

  1. The Loyal Group

One of the top 10 producers of textile and conglomerates, this company deals in a large spectrum of services and products. With a huge turnover of about 300 million dollars, the loyal groups deal in more than 40 countries across the globe. Mainly exporting its products in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, the company has its name high in the market for its uncompromising quality.

Founded by Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar, the company was initially started with second-hand machines and now contains three composite mills, one spinning mill, one dye house, seven garment manufacturing units, and one knitting unit.

This one also owns a joint venture with a trading firm in Italy. Another huge achievement earned by The Loyal Group was a government award named IMS (Integrated Management Services) making its reputation high in the textile industry.

  1. Welspun India

Known to be the third-largest Textile industry in the country when it comes to sales. Welspun India Ltd. is a prominent brand in home textiles having a vast business with 17 of the prime 30 International retailers. With the help of this global distribution network of the company, buyers all over the world can now shop for home textile items from Welspun India. Being one of the world’s top textile producers, this one also affirms to be selling mostly environment-friendly materials and claims to have industries step up to conserve the environment.

Welspun India has its benchmark set to global quality standards and thus guarantees a super fine high-quality product delivery. Their 2 plants in Gujarat focus on the production of bath and bed-type home textiles. The company also owns two famous brands namely

Christy and Hygrocotton. The export business presently accounts for 70% of elegant textiles.

  1. Page Industries Ltd.

Headquartered in Bangalore, this company is the manufacturer and distributor of the famous USA brand – Jockey. Being an exclusive licensee of this brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the United Arab Emirates, Page Industries now comes in the top 10 Indian clothing manufacturers.

Another international company, Speedo International Ltd. has made Page Industries its licensed manufacturer and distributor of its products in India. This England-based company mainly deals in swimwear and related accessories. You definitely might have heard about this industry. Page Industry is among the top service providers that make things easy for you.

The nation’s market leader in the innerwear category, Jockey’s flagship is given to Page Industries Ltd. due to its unique innovative work. With this flagship acquisition, they’ve opened 384 exclusive shopping outlets in the country, out of which 98 are in shopping malls with heavy sales and 286 outlets on high streets.

Jockey is the top seller of innerwear, Athleisure, and Sportswear for men, women, and kids have attained the demands and topped the charts making the Page Industry a leader in the Indian market.

  1. Rupa and Company Limited

Established by the Agarwal Brothers, this one is the leading knitwear company in India. Many top brands come under this one namely Frontline, Softline, Softline Leggings, Euro, Bumchums, Torrido, Thermocot, Macroman, Frontline, and Jon making it a huge contribution to the Indian Clothing Market. Being the No.1 knit brand in the country, it also deals in a variety of innerwear as well as provides a wide range of casual clothing options. The products that they deal in include capris, T-shirts, loungewear, vests for men, bloomers, and slips for kids, innerwear, camisoles, leggings for women, and various winter wear options.

It has acquired the ninth position in the top 10 Indian Clothes manufacturers. With millions of loyal and satisfied customer base, the clothing brand is growing towards becoming the frontrunner in the nation and a leading performer across the international market.

Rupa is another known brand, it has gained popularity in the market. How? They provide a top-quality product that makes them stand out from others. 

  1. KPR Mill

Producers of grey cloth, ready-made clothes and multicoloured fabric, and yarn this company comes among India’s leading manufacturers of clothes. KPR runs India’s biggest garments manufacturing systems. They have a high-speed knitting machine that produces 27,000 MT of various categories of fibre each year.

Its exceptional fabric processing division can treat up to 18,000 metric tons of material annually using ETP making it possible for them to hold a capacity of 9 billion pieces annually, thus topping the production of vertically integrated apparel manufacturing.

One of the finest manufacturing companies that provides the best quality products. They are ready-made and the biggest garment manufacturer in India. The chain of this manufacturing industry is quite large.

One of the most interesting facts about this one is that it has installed windmills in Tamil Nadu capable of generating green energy. Also listed in the stock market, KPR Mills became a topic of discussion in 2018.

  1. Bombay Rayon Fashion Ltd

Well known globally, this company deals in the manufacturing of vertically integrated textiles and garments. Owning a vast variety of fabrics and garments from state-of-the-art production facilities, they produce cotton, polyester, Tencel, modal, lycra, wool, and different blends. Bombay Rayon Fashions Limited was founded by Mr. JD Agarwal and is now the largest shirt manufacturing company in India.

Annually their manufacturing units produce 60 million pieces per annum and this will be broadened to 90 million pieces yearly. Their facility has a capacity of producing 100 million meters each year. Their unique printing methods, fine finishing, processing, and weaving make it different from others

and thus expanding its customer base. Another great fact about the company is that its employment rate is very high making it a huge contributor to India’s GDP.


The clothing sector in the country has over 45 million people employed giving the Indian Economy a high employment rate. As the industry is growing every year, the economy is getting a huge impact due to the heavy number of employees needed for the work. All this contributes to making India one of the top leaders in the Clothes Manufacturing industry.

Since the clothing industry is rising and you do see a growth in this particular. So, if you are thinking of starting a business, this is the right time to plan and execute your business idea.

The clothes manufacturing business is going nowhere and this is among the business ideas nowadays that people see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the biggest Cloth Company in India?

Arvind Ltd is amongst the largest textile companies in India, The Fabric made by the company  can go around 6 times over. It is one of the biggest cloth companies in India.

Which Clothes are Made in India?

Crafting hand woven and ikat dyed clothing in India, it is one of the most valuable things of livelihood that is stepped deep in tradition. India is the biggest producer of handwoven clothing with over 90%.

Who made clothes in India?

During the Mauryan Dynasty (322-185 BC), mostly female clothing was available for the statue of Mother Goddess. Ladies at that time self-stitch the clothes and wear embroidered clothes to look fancy and fashionable. They love to wear heavy sarees and jewelry. India was the first place where people grew cotton. So, India became somehow a hub of clothes. Hence, clothing became forever a part of India, You can see many traditional and western clothes in India.

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