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A one-stop fashion destination for all the trendy styles, where every seller or retail will be able to get the finest selection of garments to showcase. Our wide selection includes varieties of women’s and men’s wear such as traditional wear, Kurtis, shirts, T-shirts, etc.

Our network of fashion and professional designers never fails to amaze our clients. We are always at par with the trends. Though we offer designing and patterns as per your requirement. Maroon Sea is best Garment Exporter and is best place to find fashionable clothing at great prices.

We are leading Kurti exporter



A short kurta is referred to as the Kurti, which is the attire of females. It can be made of silk, cotton, cambric, rayon, and blend fabrics. Various printing techniques, from hand block printing to digital printing, can be employed. It can be worn with pants, jeans, leggings, and palazzo.




We are leading Nightgown exporter

Night Gowns



A nightgown is a long one-piece attire worn by females. It can be made of cotton, hosiery, Serena, cambric, rayon, and blend fabrics. Various printing techniques, from hand block printing to digital printing, can be employed. Cotton fabrics are most widely used to make nightgowns making them comfortable.





We are leading Night-suit exporter

Night Suits



Nightwear – sleepwear, or nightclothes – is clothing designed to be worn while sleeping. The nightwear style may vary with the seasons, with warmer tones worn in colder conditions and vice versa. Fabrics used in Night suits are mostly cotton, rayon, woolen, and hosiery.


Leading tshirt Exporter
We are leading T-Shirt exporter



A T-shirt, or tee, is a fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. We are a leading exporter of T-Shirts. T-Shirts are available in various types, such as the round neck, polo T-shirts, and V-necks with full and half sleeves. Knit fabric with cotton, nylon, woolen, or blend yarns is used to make it suitable for various purposes such as summer wear, sportswear, formal wear, etc.

Leading Shirt Exporter
We are leading Shirt exporter



Shirts are available in various types, such as round neck, collar, and Chinese collar with full and half sleeves. Different weaves are used to make attractive fabrics for shirting purposes. Some of the most common are plain weave, satin weave, and dobby weave. Fabrics such as cotton, linen, PC/TC, rayon, and blend are used for making shirts suitable for various occasions. Finishing of multiple types is opted to obtain desired results such as luster, to make it wrinkle-free, or to make it wrinkler.

Leading Jeans Exporter
We are leading Jeans and Trousers exporter


We are the leading exporter of Jeans and trousers. Jeans are available in various fabrics such as cotton and Cotton Blend, designs, patterns, fittings, and colors. We also export cotton and cotton blend trousers in multiple designs, fittings, and colors.